South Bay Group Inc: We Think Outside the Box

South Bay Group Inc is a company that is dedicated to encouraging human potential and relationships. Our mission is to generate real world solutions where the client, company, and customers are all better off for having taken part in a "win-win-win" strategy. A unique synergistic effect takes place, and this is what separates us from our competition. Customers are the lifeblood of the success of South Bay, by creating incentive-based promotions, we've developed an advertising strategy that has the real world value our customers seek, as well as the results our clients demand.

South Bay Group



South Bay is a privately owned marketing firm located in San Jose, CA. We provide creative solutions to advertising and marketing challenges, increasing exposure, brand awareness, and visibility of products and services. By implementing an effective, personal and results driven approach to marketing, we strive to be the missing piece of the equation linking clients directly to their customers.

South Bay Group


Through novel marketing approaches, including field-test marketing, on-site retail promotions, and individually tailored events, South Bay provides unequalled speed-to-market results. By taking advantage of a more personal approach to generating brand awareness, both clients and customers benefit from a human solution to traditional marketing limitations.


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